The Sideline Hustle VIP Platform is the most complete wide receiver resource ever built.

Route runners and coaches can benefit from this program!

what's ahead?

As a VIP Player you will:

     - define your Goals
     - identify "your Why"
     - Live in your purpose every day
     - Work on daily drills
     - expand your football knowledge vastly

Guys - do not send me big picture goals like “make it to the NFL” or “earn a D1 scholarship.” Your goals need to be specific and focused, so that we can provide the best resources to achieve these goals.

Our work will be defined by the progress we make in improving your game.
 By making that progress - you will put yourself in a better position to reach those big picture goals.

I need goals that will help me coach you better. I know you want to play in the NFL, we all do!

What are the steps you need to take in your game to get there? We have to build your house brick by brick!

frequently asked questions

how do i sign up for the vip platform?

To sign up for the VIP platform, visit the Sideline Hustle Shopify page (link below).

vip membership page

how do i get started once i sign up?

Once you sign up we will send you an email with all of the instructions to get started! This includes a password to the private VIP page, access to our private Instagram account, and more!

how do i upload film for personalized evaluation?

When you have film for us to review, simply DM (direct message) it to the private VIP Instagram account @sidelinehustlevip.
DO NOT SEND FILM TO THE MAIN SIDELINE HUSTLE IG ACCOUNT! We have coaches monitoring the VIP messages to answer questions and review film.

where can i find the 52-week program?

We upload new drills, educational content and more to the private Instagram page @sidelinehustlevip every day! These posts follow the same cadence each week, with each day having a different focus! This ensures that we cover all aspects of the route running positions over the course of the year.

"my why" - testimonials

"My why is to prove all of my doubters wrong. I've played this game since I was 12, and I've always played O-line because I was fat and slow. Last year I decided to switch positions because I wanted to play receiver or I was going to have the regret of not trying. I have only played 6 games as a receiver and I'm 17. I want to prove to everybody who said that I couldn't be a receiver that when you really put your mind to it you can achieve anything. This is why I play this game. For the look of surprise on my teammates faces when I do everything I said I would do."

"My why is to prove myself and to show others that any dream you pursue can be possible. There's no such thing as "I can't". The majority of my peers had known the game since birth but for me it was a later age (11), and I wasn't able to play due to me moving a lot. I fell in love with the game more when I got into middle school and from there on out it's allowed me to be all about work ethic and commitment - not just in football but anything that I do in my life."

"My why is proving to people that whatever shape, size you are you can make it. So many people used to doubt me and say I'm working hard for nothing. I want to prove to them I'm the greatest football player they have ever seen."

"My why is to realize my potential and also my family and friends, who give me support. I love this game and this position and do everything within my power to improve everyday. I aim to improve on the player I was in the past, in pursuit of the player I want to be in the future."

"My why is to make my family and friends proud/prove to myself that I can do anything I want as long as I stay focused and give maximum effort everyday/prove others wrong/and to do something I love"

"My why is to prove that D2 athletes that play at the lowest level of professional football (arena/indoor) work just as hard as any D1 Athlete & can compete at the same level as anyone else. I want to make it to the next level, but the next realistic level that guys like me have a real opportunity at making is the CFL. I'm really trying to represent guys in my shoes that weren't fortunate enough to go D1 and have an organization behind their name to get an opportunity."