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Who We Are

The Sideline Hustle is the premiere resource for Wide Receiver play & route running fundamentals. Founded by Drew Lieberman in 2017, the journey began with a mission to further the game of football across the world by demanding excellence at every level.

Since then, Drew & the team have worked with more than 10,000 athletes from 50+ countries including over 100 NFL receivers, tight ends & running backs.

Evan Engram, Jakobi Meyers, Brandon Aiyuk, Darius Slayton, Mohamed Sanu & Cooper Kupp are a few of the notable NFL clients that have seen success through The Sideline Hustle program. Drew currently works with 30-40 different pros each year in Atlanta, GA.

The best players in the world rely on us help them chase MASTERY of their craft. We push our clients to improve the smallest details & expand the limits of their game. Through this work we have created a system for route running & wide receiver play that has been proven at every level of football.

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our system

Our system starts with building every detail of the athlete’s lifestyle on & off the field so that he is living in a way that will allow him to maximize his talents. No amount of work or training can overcome poor choices and bad habits off the field.

Once the structure, habits and thought processes are in place - we work together with the athlete to create a customized training program that is designed to maximize his greatest strengths.

Too many players spend their whole careers striving to become “well rounded” and making up for their weaknesses. This often leads to a path where the athlete is good at a lot of things, but not great at anything. We believe in narrowing our focus and building around athlete’s greatest traits until he becomes DOMINANT at what he does best. This allow the athlete to “plant his flag” & create his true identity. He can then build a well rounded game from there.

Our goal is to MAXIMIZE to get the most out of each player we work with through never ending education and accountability. 

what we offer

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teaching the game of football to the world.